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Our LED Retrofitting & Installation Services

“Studies have shown that for every dollar spent on conservation, expect a return of $2 -$4 on your investment.” In most buildings lighting loads make up 20 – 30% of the entire electrical consumption. LED bulbs can reduce your lighting load by up to 63%, significantly lowering your consumption and demand charges. More info is here

Equally important is the man-hours saved changing fluorescent, incandescent and other old style bulbs. LED bulbs are rated to last up to 10 times longer and all of our bulbs come with a minimum 200,000 hour warranty. That’s over 5 years of continuous illumination. Our product warranties are up to 10 YEARS!

But beware! There are issues you need to consider. LED’s came out some time ago with many poor quality products that hurt the industry. Most products now are far superior but you still need to do your homework. This is where we stand out from most of the competition. We don’t just sell you a product, we add value through:

  • Initial lighting audit and assessment of lighting needs
  • Analysis of potential savings and LED recommendations
  • DLC listed, ULC approved and pre-tested fixtures and bulbs
  • Application, Pre project and post project submission for all available incentive programs
  • Install
  • Post install ESA inspection if required
  • Follow up on energy savings
  • Warranty fulfillment if needed

GreenLink Energy provides Free Lighting Assessment. The first step is getting one scheduled in a timeframe that works for you. We will be coming to your property to go through all your existing lights. Our objective during the onsite assessment is to minimize operational disruptions. The first task during the assessment is to determine what lights can be replaced and to then determine the proper light alternatives, taking into account wattage, lighting colour and brightness. The end goal here is to reduce power consumption but also ensure the quality of light is maintained or improved.

Rebate Incentives

Once we have completed our assessment, we will complete the paperwork required provided by SaveOnEnergy, the administrative group responsible for administering lighting power rebates for the IESO (Independent Electricity System Operator). Both the rebate amount you can receive and the monthly power savings are directly calculated based on the amount of power that will be saved OR the number of less total watts being consumed to run your lights.

Here is the process we go through:

  1. Register your business online at saveONenergy.ca/register.
  2. Complete and submit pre-project incentive forms and participant agreement forms online to local electric utility for pre-approval.
  3. Receive approval from local electric utility to proceed with installation.
  4. Upon approval, purchase and install new lighting.
  5. Complete and submit post-project incentive forms to the local electric utility.
  6. You receive your incentive cheque in the mail


All replacement lights are Energy Star or DLC approved to qualify for the rebate. Even the most reliable LED lights will not work properly if not properly installed. GreenLink Energy electricians specialize in LED installations, are fully licensed and insured, and are ready to assist in a range of installations, including:

  • commercial, industrial, hospitality, and residential
  • straight lamp exchange
  • fixture retrofit
  • new fixture installation
  • rewiring (in preparation for fixture relocation)
  • interior and exterior
  • residential and commercial voltages


After the new lights are installed, we are required to take the old lights to a registered recycling facility to dispose of them. The recycling facility will provide a receipt for what they receive. This is provided to the IESO showing that the new lights have been installed.

GreenLink Energy is proud to offer the Delviro line up www.delviroledlighting.ca/ built here in Canada with an industry leading 10 YEAR WARRANTY

Our Solar Installation Services

Net Metering is a solar system tied into the utility grid and connected to your home’s electrical panel. The solar panels produce power and you are able to use that power directly. If more energy is being produced than consumed the extra power will be sent to the utility grid and you will earn credits. The credits that have been earned offset the cost of future electricity bills.

By example in summer when you generate a lot of power from the solar system these credits can be used to offset the power you will use in the winter months when your system isn’t able to produce as much energy because of less sunlight.. On a daily basis your solar system may be producing power during the daylight hours in excess of what you will consume and credits are accumulated to offset the cost of the electricity you will be using at night. If the power you generate is not enough to fully meet your electricity needs, you can continue to draw power from the grid, as usual.

Net Metering should not be confused with MicroFIT which provides a fixed payment to homeowners for the amount of energy their system feeds into the grid for 20 years. MicroFIT is Ontario’s micro feed-in-tariff program which guarantees a fixed payment for the power produced by the solar panels for 20 years. “Micro” means the system installed can be up to 10 kilowatts (kW) in size. More than 20,000 Ontarians are already using this program and earning revenue

More MicroFIT information is available here:

Off grid Solar is different than a MicroFIT project that is connected to the grid. An off grid solar system is connected to batteries where the energy is stored and used as required. To use the power stored in the batteries an inverter converts the 12, 24 or 48 DC electricity to 120 AC power that can be used in the home. There are no rebates for this type of installation but there is a payback in energy savings.

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