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LED Lighting

Green Link Energy offers the best in LED lighting conversions. We use premium quality Sylvania/Osram and Delviro LED lamps. Because we buy huge quantities of these LED lamps we can pass on the savings to you. There are lower quality LED lamps available at a slight cost savings but we feel that for reliability, lumen output and ease of installation the retrofits that we implement exclusively use only products from these high well respected manufacturers. Both manufacturers have a huge line of LED products so we can always source the best LED lamp for the task.


Green Link Energy offers only the finest residential solar panels. Because each solar application can vary widely, we spec panels once we have done a full on site evaluation. Consideration to location, type of surface the panels are being mounted to, and required energy outputs are all taken into consideration in specking a solar system. Solar cells in panels have improved immensely over the years, and they are now super reliable, high performing and state of the art in terms of construction quaility.