Commercial LED lighting
retrofits & installation.
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LED Lighting


Green Link Energy offers the best in LED lighting conversions. We use premium quality Sylvania/Osram and Delviro LED lamps. Because we buy huge quantities of these LED lamps we can pass on the savings to you. There are lower quality LED lamps available at a slight cost savings but we feel that for reliability, lumen output and ease of installation the retrofits that we implement exclusively use only products from these high well respected manufacturers. Both manufacturers have a huge line of LED products so we can always source the best LED lamp for the task.


Green Link Energy offers only the finest residential solar panels. Because each solar application can vary widely, we spec panels once we have done a full on site evaluation. Consideration to location, type of surface the panels are being mounted to, and required energy outputs are all taken into consideration in specking a solar system. Solar cells in panels have improved immensely over the years, and they are now super reliable, high performing and state of the art in terms of construction quaility.

Energy Efficient Products


SensorSuite (SSI) develops real-time building intelligence cloud based platforms for improving the efficiencies of buildings. The company has created leading-edge sensors, cloud analytics, building controls, and software interfaces that reduce energy costs and increase occupant comfort.

In order to provide real time data SensorSuite (SSI) interfaces into existing meters and machinery, wirelessly communicating data through its local on-site SensorSuite Matrix™ gateway to the SSI Cloud. The SSI Cloud securely stores all of the data on Amazon Cloud servers utilizing encryption. The types of Sensory information SSI are able to collect are:

  • Gas: Natural Gas and Propane
  • Electricity: SSI is able to communicate energy consumption per device, machine, etc.
  • Water: Instantly detect water on the floor or a water level.
  • Motion: SSI is able to setup motion sensors to gather occupancy data.
  • Carbon Monoxide: Gather CO level data in parking garages by zone.
  • Carbon Dioxide: CO2 sensors in main rooms to estimate volume of people in a room.

The SSI dashboard is capable of displaying as many data points as required for any building. Each site can monitor between one to over ten different data points. It is able to represent this data as icons, bar graphs, and/or line graphs. With that being said, the collected data is also convertible to other file formats (ie: xls, csv, etc).

Access for staff/stakeholders can be provisioned with independent logins. The SSI dashboard has been designed to be both intuitive and responsive to adjust to virtually any screen-size on any browser. SSI is able to utilize existing technology to interface into both non-digitally and digitally metered utilities. The data is always stored on the Amazon cloud and can be stored in independent data centers as either primary or back-up storage facilities.

The SSI cloud system is able to generate reports such as:

  • Facility Performance
  • Facility Comparisons
  • Energy Profiles
  • Consumption Reduction
  • Demand Reduction

The SSI cloud system is easily expandable from one to hundreds of facilities by setting up independent Matrix™ gateways- with localized intelligence and centralized cloud intelligence for monitoring and control.

The system has various user interfaces to provide information and interaction to the various stakeholders such as:

  • Executives
  • Facility Managers
  • Operation Managers
  • Other on-site staff and guests

Here are highlights of some of the key functions:

  • Capture real-time and historical comparisons on utility consumption.
  • Normalization for occupants, weather and other variability.
  • Present data in an interpretable way to all stakeholders.
  • Have summary views of all facilities under monitoring and control, providing real-time consumption comparisons; in an effort to promote more efficient behaviour between facilities.
  • Offer suggestions through a local feed on how to improve efficiency through changing habits.

The platform allows for a variety of apps to be overlay on the system for integrating other data points (ie: weather, traffic, events, etc.). These would also play a part in the integration of automated control systems.


Green Link Energy is proud to be an authorized reseller for Big Ass Fans. Big Ass offers commercial energy efficient fans from 8 –24 feet in diameter for applications such as agriculture, aviation, commercial & public places, schools, sports facilities, government buildings, industrial manufacturing and warehousing.

Big Ass also offers residential energy efficient fans 52- 84 inches in diameter.

Commercial fans keep employees comfortable in summer by helping them feel up to 10 degrees cooler. In winter Big Ass Fans bring trapped hot air down from heights reducing heating costs up to 30 % ! Business rebates are available in Ontario through local gas companies on top of annual heating savings for the building.

All this with a Made In America product with bumper to bumper warranties up to 15 years ! Call us today and we can recommend and install energy efficient fan solutions for your property.

Natural Gas Services

EnerStream Agency Services Inc. is an integrated energy company delivering natural gas services to Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional customers throughout Canada. EnerStream focuses on helping customers manage their natural gas costs through leading edge procurement strategies, flexible products, transparent billing and dedicated customer service.