Commercial LED lighting
retrofits & installation.
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Gas Station Lighting

GreenLink Energy offers a specially designed canopy fixture to reduce energy and long-term maintenance costs. Installing the canopy fixture will provide a well-lighted, attractive, safe and secure environment for consumers and motorists.

Sports Facilities

Replacing old fluorescent lights with GreenLink Energy is the perfect solution to saving energy and highlighting the look of the facility.

“We are incredibly pleased with the new lights! They’ve added new life to our ice shed!”. “We’ve heard nothing but great feedback from our curlers”

Sean Diamond – President Sutton Curling Club

Industrial Lighting

GreenLink Energy offers solutions for the perfect lighting for industrial facilities. A well lit work environment increases productivity, safety and security.

Storage Facilities

At GreenLink Energy, we have offered many storage facilities solutions to better lighting and saving money. Almost three-quarters of energy bills come directly from the lighting system.